Aircraft painting and maintenance provided by (DESAPI) Dial Eastern States Aircraft Painting Inc., goal is to make every aircraft that we do an award winning plane. We strive for excellence in every step of the process.

DESAPI is highlighted in Aviation Consumer and Light Plane Maintenance magazines.  For this reason, we rate consistently as one of the premium shops in the country.

Indeed, we were selected to paint the AOPA "Six in '06" sweepstakes airplane.  First and foremost, our team works hard to transform every aircraft in to a show worthy masterpiece.

DESAPI began  in 1988 with one goal in mind, to be the best in the business.  Specially today, our shop with the long name is at the top of every pilot's list when it comes meeting expectations and quality.

We pay attention to details, no shortcuts are taken, and the end result is an outstanding product that will still look new for years to come.

Our successful aircraft painting method is the DuPont Imron Single Stage System from start to finish.  Also, with our in-house mixing system, we have the ability to accurately mix thousands of custom colors.

This single stage process, along with our employees' expertise, assures customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.  Simply put, we guarantee our work; however, if there is a problem, we will correct it.

Nevertheless, if it is a back to original design from factory blueprints, a design strictly from your imagination, or a design that suits your lifestyle, DESAPI have the experience for your requirements.

Aircraft painting and maintenance service range from homebuilts, single engines, light twins, and helicopters.  

Our shop has the capacity to handle aircrafts up to a wingspan of 43 feet and a height of 14 feet.

Please take a few minutes to review photos our aircraft gallery and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.